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Certified Retard badge papercraft by MylestheHedgehog13 Certified Retard badge papercraft :iconmylesthehedgehog13:MylestheHedgehog13 0 0 Fredbear's Family Diner Badge papercraft by MylestheHedgehog13 Fredbear's Family Diner Badge papercraft :iconmylesthehedgehog13:MylestheHedgehog13 0 0 FNaF 3 Saferoom Arcade machine(s) by MylestheHedgehog13 FNaF 3 Saferoom Arcade machine(s) :iconmylesthehedgehog13:MylestheHedgehog13 1 0 FNaF 1 (3) SafeRoom wall#2 by MylestheHedgehog13 FNaF 1 (3) SafeRoom wall#2 :iconmylesthehedgehog13:MylestheHedgehog13 2 0 FNaF 1 (3) SafeRoom wall#1 by MylestheHedgehog13 FNaF 1 (3) SafeRoom wall#1 :iconmylesthehedgehog13:MylestheHedgehog13 1 0 FNaF 1 (3) SafeRoom Floor by MylestheHedgehog13 FNaF 1 (3) SafeRoom Floor :iconmylesthehedgehog13:MylestheHedgehog13 1 0 Foxy V.2 by MylestheHedgehog13 Foxy V.2 :iconmylesthehedgehog13:MylestheHedgehog13 1 0 Chica V.2 by MylestheHedgehog13 Chica V.2 :iconmylesthehedgehog13:MylestheHedgehog13 2 0 Bonnie V.2 by MylestheHedgehog13 Bonnie V.2 :iconmylesthehedgehog13:MylestheHedgehog13 1 0 Freddy V.2 by MylestheHedgehog13 Freddy V.2 :iconmylesthehedgehog13:MylestheHedgehog13 0 0 Golden Freddy V.2 by MylestheHedgehog13 Golden Freddy V.2 :iconmylesthehedgehog13:MylestheHedgehog13 1 0 Version 2.0 crew by MylestheHedgehog13 Version 2.0 crew :iconmylesthehedgehog13:MylestheHedgehog13 0 0 SpringSuited William Afton V.2 by MylestheHedgehog13 SpringSuited William Afton V.2 :iconmylesthehedgehog13:MylestheHedgehog13 0 0 SpringLocked William Afton V.2 by MylestheHedgehog13 SpringLocked William Afton V.2 :iconmylesthehedgehog13:MylestheHedgehog13 0 0 SpringBonBon V.2 Withered by MylestheHedgehog13 SpringBonBon V.2 Withered :iconmylesthehedgehog13:MylestheHedgehog13 2 0 The End (Bad) Part 3 by MylestheHedgehog13 The End (Bad) Part 3 :iconmylesthehedgehog13:MylestheHedgehog13 0 0


BATIM - Pepakura  Papercraft Pack V1 by SmakkoHooves BATIM - Pepakura Papercraft Pack V1 :iconsmakkohooves:SmakkoHooves 3 0 BATIM - I see you by Amanddica BATIM - I see you :iconamanddica:Amanddica 540 52 Remember Us by DavidAl3man Remember Us :icondavidal3man:DavidAl3man 74 9 [Cinema4D FNAF6] Molten Freddy by xGigaSlavex [Cinema4D FNAF6] Molten Freddy :iconxgigaslavex:xGigaSlavex 273 14 The Salvaged Ones by LadyFiszi The Salvaged Ones :iconladyfiszi:LadyFiszi 622 38 Rings ladies by rongs1234 Rings ladies :iconrongs1234:rongs1234 288 16 Let's Go To The Beach, Each, Let's Go Get A Wave by thegreatrouge Let's Go To The Beach, Each, Let's Go Get A Wave :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 1,674 136 Mad-ika by thegreatrouge Mad-ika :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 755 37 Bendemon by thegreatrouge Bendemon :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 753 68 The Lit Boiz by thegreatrouge The Lit Boiz :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 682 40 Tiny Weeb Bitch by thegreatrouge Tiny Weeb Bitch :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 767 25 Two Brain Bendies (Redraw) by thegreatrouge Two Brain Bendies (Redraw) :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 811 38 .:Brother nap:. by Blustreakgirl .:Brother nap:. :iconblustreakgirl:Blustreakgirl 197 60 Lana by rongs1234 Lana :iconrongs1234:rongs1234 363 15 Warrior Mermaid by rongs1234
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Warrior Mermaid :iconrongs1234:rongs1234 203 13
Your benevolent king~ by GraWolfQuinn Your benevolent king~ :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,281 259


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Certified Retard badge papercraft
Do you have a friend that's retarded, cancerous, idiotic, or an actual retard?
Well here's the Badge for you/your friend!
The "Certified Retard" Badge!
Fredbear's Family Diner Badge papercraft
I was inspired earlier today to make a papercraft of a Fredbear's Family Diner badge.
Link of inspiration:
Inspirator: Reckless-Royalty
Thanks to Reckless-Royalty and his Fredbear's Family Diner badge patch (what a mouthful).
FNaF 3 Saferoom Arcade machine(s)
This is a part of my series, the Saferoom from FNaF 3 and William Afton's tomb.
You HAVE to print this 3 times to complete the look of the scene. Thank you.
FNaF 1 (3) SafeRoom wall#2
This is part of my series, the Saferoom from FNaF 3 and William Afton's tomb.
For those reading this, you probably had no idea I was a DW fan. since 2012 to now I have loved the show, and have always wanted a 2013/2014 TARDIS interior playset, ever since I've heard of 9/10's and 11's playset that were previously released. Underground and Character options still haven't given us the playset we need for our 11 7B Docotr, and our 12 Doctor TARDIS interiors. it was rumored they were going to be releasing one a few years ago, but nothing was heard of it since. The reason I'm writing this is becaus ei spent 5 hours, and 42 pieces of paper, trying to build he 12th Doctor's TARDIS interior papercraft, from AFT. The Papercraft itself was goig good, until I noticed that the design of the stairs and main console base was off, the fact is, is that it upset the whole thing. it tilted the support that it supposed to sitting on. AFT had one job, to give us a good quality papercraft without very much hard work, but instead we are given this shitty papercraft that can't even connet itself together. I don't think they know how to make papercraft, and this is coming from the guy who made a room for a digital girl. USING A PAINT PROGRAM. I think they should test there builds before fully releasing them for the public. Sorry AFT, but you can't live up to the DW papercraft title with this mistake. Either fix it, or take it done and start over. And if you use he second option, USE THE PAPERCRAFT PROGRAM THAT ACTUAL PAPERCRAFT MAKERS USE. Either that, OR ACTUALLY TEST IT. DON'T RELEASE AN UNFINISHED PRODUCT, THAT YOU HAVE NO IDEA IF IT FUNCTIONS OR NOT. DON'T SIT THERE PICKING YOU NOSES FOR STORY IDEAS, GET TO WORK ON THE PAPERCRAFTS AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE ACTUALLY BUILDABLE, AND NOT A LUMP OF PAPER A KID WASTED 5 HOURS TRYING TO BUILD, BUCAUSE THE LINK YOU POSTED WASN'T EVEN HELPFUL ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY HELP THEM. DON'T STAND THERE LIKE WEEPING ANGELS, DO SOMETHING. That is the end of this rant, thanks for reading. And for gods sake, DO. YOUR. JOB. YOU. LAZY. FUCKS.


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